The NZ Ukulele Squad is an opportunity for students who show the ability to continue to develop their skills in ensemble playing and general musicianship. There is a Junior and a Senior NZ Ukulele Squad. 


Both Squads attend an intensive three day course in central Auckland once a year in September. They play in four sections, like an orchestra.  NZ Ukulele Trust commissions music to be written or arranged for this unique ensemble. 


To be in a Development Squad, students need to a Year 5 to 13 student in NZ, competent at playing advanced chords and strumming patterns, play melody lines, arpeggios, basic scales, read tablature or notation and most of all – be prepared to train hard!


The Senior NZ Ukulele Squad (Year 9 to 13 students)

‘Rangatira o te Ukurere of Aotearoa’ ‘The Leaders of NZ Ukulele’

where the NZ Ukulele Trust grow leaders through enhancing their confidence, teaching abilities, leadership, performance and ukulele skills.   

This Squad has toured to Christchurch in 2017 and plan to tour again in 2018. They will be performing in concert with James Hill on 24th November and at the NZ Ukulele Homecoming Event on 2nd December.


The Junior NZ Ukulele Squad (Year 5 to 8 students)

‘Rangatahi o te Ukurere o Aotearoa’ ‘The Youth of NZ Ukulele’

where NZ Ukulele Trust empower youth to develop their ukulele musicianship, confidence and performance skills. This Squad perform as part of the APPA Music Festival in Auckland’s Town Hall and in concert with James Hill in November and at the NZ Ukulele Homecoming event on 2nd December.

The New Zealand Ukulele Trust's Development Squad proudly play instruments provided by Kala ukuleles and Lyn McAllister Music.   

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